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Welcome to the Antilles Canon Law Society

2021 Antilles Canon Law Society Executive

At the AGM of the Antilles Canon Law Society on Wednesday June 30, 2021 a new executive was elected. The new officers are:

President: Msgr Michael Palud, C.O. (Provost of the Congregation of the Oratory, Port Antonio and Judicial Vicar for the Western Antilles Interdiocesan Tribunal – Kingston Jamaica)

Vice-President: Mrs Peta-Gay Lee-Brace (Barbados)

Secretary: Mrs Gillian Van Sluytman (Guyana)

Treasurer: Ms Bernadette Salandy (Trinidad and Tobago)

The following is an excerpt from Msgr Palud’s first correspondence to the members of the Society:
We have many challenges to meet. I would envision our Canon Law Society as also being a ‘think tank’ of things canonical to better serve the local Church and the Bishops of our region. Articles and canonical issues will need to be written, ideas exchanged for our Society to have an impact.
“A few years ago we had Mitis Judex come out with the challenges it brought. Now we have an almost completely revamped Penal Code which our dear Pope Francis has just published. This will certainly affect the way the Bishops of the world will have to deal with certain issues. Whilst our role as Tribunal Personnel is important, we MUST be at the forefront of things in this new area! It will take time and effort.

As time goes on, it would be great if all the Bishops of our AEC region had the ‘reflex’ so to speak to turn to our ACLS as the locus to get help and advice.”
The outgoing executive wishes to congratulate the new executive in their appointments and assure them of our continued support.

Kenneth Chang On
Outgoing Secretary
Antilles Canon Law Society


Published by antillescanonlawsociety

I am the President of the Antilles Canon Law Society. I graduated with a JCD from the Angelicum in 1992. My thesis was, "De Justa Autonomia Religiosorum" from the beginnings to the Decree of Gratian with application in modern canon law... I have served as a Vicar General for 12 years in the Diocese of Mandeville and have been the Judicial Vicar of the Western Antilles Interdiocesan Tribunal for 7 years. I have also worked with the Antilles Episcopal Conference preparing the ad limina visits of our Bishops in 2002 with Pope Saint John Paul II, in 2008 with Pope Benedict and more recently with Pope Francis. I love canon law, it is a beautiful discipline !

One thought on “Welcome to the Antilles Canon Law Society

  1. Well done to the outgoing members of the executive and congratulations to the newly elected executive!! Looking forward to gathering with you all in the near future!!


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