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Something new is in the air… Formation !!!!

Dear Members of the ACLS

When we began our mandate, the new Executive of the ACLS met shortly after the AGM and we put emphasis on the importance of good canonical formation for the good of the Tribunal in our Region.

We are happy to announce that one of our judges from the Eastern Court (Eastern Antilles Interdiocesan Tribunal) – Mr. Michael NOBLE – will be offering an on-line course on Tribunal Jurisprudence and procedures.

The ACLS is charging $150 for the course which will begin in October of this year and will continue until May of 2022.

This is a great occasion to brush up your knowledge on Matrimonial Jurisprudence and procedures: it is worth every penny of it.

Mr. Michael Noble, apart from being a staff member of one of the Tribunals in our Region is also a well known canon law professor at St. Paul’s University in Canada. He has also published on canon law and the use of Social Communication in the context of procedural law.

If you are interested, please send an e-mail to: ad register as soon as you can.

At the end of the course, the Antilles Canon Law Society will give an in-house certificate. This course is also encouraged by Bishop John Persaud, the Bishop of Mandeville and the Bishop liaison between the ACLS and the Antilles Episcopal Conference. Bishop Persaud was a former president of our Society, former Judicial Vicar of the Eastern Court and now serves as Bishop of Mandeville in Jamaica.


Published by antillescanonlawsociety

I am the President of the Antilles Canon Law Society. I graduated with a JCD from the Angelicum in 1992. My thesis was, "De Justa Autonomia Religiosorum" from the beginnings to the Decree of Gratian with application in modern canon law... I have served as a Vicar General for 12 years in the Diocese of Mandeville and have been the Judicial Vicar of the Western Antilles Interdiocesan Tribunal for 7 years. I have also worked with the Antilles Episcopal Conference preparing the ad limina visits of our Bishops in 2002 with Pope Saint John Paul II, in 2008 with Pope Benedict and more recently with Pope Francis. I love canon law, it is a beautiful discipline !

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